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BEFORE MIDNIGHT – An online exhibition.

January 10 – February 29.

To start the new year we are pleased to present a selection of photographs taken between sunset and midnight – a magical time for photography.

Employing a unique blend of creativity and technical skill, photographs that explore this time uncover a rich tapestry of emotions, stories, and atmosphereallowing for the expression of the artist's vision and interpretation of the world. 

Before midnight, the natural lighting conditions undergo a gradual transformation, offering a nuanced interplay of shadows and highlights. The soft glow of twilight or the warm hues of a setting sun can give photographs a captivating feel that distinguishes them from images captured under the harsh light of day.  The interplay of light and dark becomes a tool for artists to convey a range of emotions – from the tranquility of a quiet evening to the heightened drama of a night cityscape bathed in artificial lights.  Meanwhile, photographs taken before midnight capture a cinematic ambiance that elevates ordinary scenes to the extraordinary.

The allure of great photography lies not only in technical proficiency but perhaps more importantly in the artist’s ability to convey a narrative or evoke an emotional response. Before midnight, the world undergoes a subtle metamorphosis, and photographers adept at capturing this transition can craft images that resonate with viewers on a profound level. The temporal constraint adds an element of spontaneity, challenging photographers to seize fleeting moments and immortalize them in a single frame.