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Cali Style

September 4 – October 5, 2019

Installation shot "Cali Style" exhibition
Installation shot "Cali Style" - Nick Fouquet wall
Installation shot "Cali Style" Barry McGee wall
Installation shot "Cali Style" - Will Adler wall
Installation shot "Cali Style" - Ed Templeton and Will Adler
BARRY McGEE, Untitled. 2018 
ED TEMPLETON Girl with Blue Hair, 2019
ED TEMPLETON Girl with Purple Hair, 2019
ED TEMPLETON Consequences, 2019
ED TEMPLETON Girl With Gun Lighter, 2019
ED TEMPLETON Girl with Fishnet Top, 2019
ED TEMPLETON Cross and Tattoo Girl, 2019
ED TEMPLETON Girl with Fashion Eyepatch, 2019
ED TEMPLETON Bloody Neck, 2019
ED TEMPLETON Blue Hair and Pink Top, 2019
ED TEMPLETON Girl with Tinfoil Hat, 2019
NICK FOUQUET Hat 01.  2019
NICK FOUQUET Hat 02.  2019
NICK FOUQUET Hat 03.  2019
NICK FOUQUET Hat 04.  2019
NICK FOUQUET Hat 05.  2019
NICK FOUQUET Hat 06.  2019
NICK FOUQUET Hat 07.  2019
NICK FOUQUET Hat 08.  2019
NICK FOUQUET Hat 09.  2019
NICK FOUQUET Hat 10.  2019
NICK FOUQUET Hat 11.  2019
NICK FOUQUET Hat 12.  2019
NICK FOUQUET Hat 13.  2019
NICK FOUQUET Hat 14.  2019
SCOTT CAMPBELL, "Pay in Advance"
WILL ADLER, Silhouette. 2019 
WILL ADLER, Surfer in Clouds. 2019 
WILL ADLER, Shipwrecks, 2009
WILL ADLER, Sitting. 2009 
WILL ADLER, Sitting II. 2009
WILL ADLER, Paddle In. 2009

Press Release

September 4 – October 5, 2019

Opening our fall season in our new location at 980 Madison Avenue, Danziger Gallery presents the show “Cali Style” – featuring the work of Barry McGee, Ed Templeton, Nick Fouquet, and Will Adler. A look at four Californian creative artists with varied backgrounds - a street artist, a skate boarder, a hat maker, and a surf photographer – the show embraces the maverick spirit of the west coast and the originality and diversity of its creative expression.

Barry McGee was raised in San Francisco and continues to live and work there. His boldly graphic, colorful work incorporates a multitude of influences – graffiti art, vernacular signage, and Op Art – but is mostly evocative of the street art where his work began. He has had solo shows at the Hammer Museum, Prada Foundation and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth amongst others.

Ed Templeton grew up and lives in Huntington Beach. While Templeton originally gained fame as a professional skateboarder, he is now recognized as a seminal west coast artist whose work is shown in museums around the world. Originally influenced by the skaters and surfers who did their own graphics, Templeton makes works in multiple mediums telling stories of youth culture, beach life, and the grit behind the glitter of Southern California.

Nick Fouquet has turned hat making to art with each of his hats being a unique creation. A former environmental scientist, Fouquet learned the craft of hat-making when he was struck by the under-saturated market of contemporary headwear. He subsequently developed a bespoke aesthetic loosely based on the western form but continually develops new designs and adornments which take his creations into their own cultural space.

Will Adler is a 35 year old west coast photographer known for his distinctive take on the surf
world. Adler's laid back, light infused images, (more often of women surfers than men) convey the spirit and atmosphere of place as much as the action of the sport and have earned him a worldwide cult following.