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Mark Wyse

April 21 – May 26, 2006

Untitled (#1), 1998
Mark Wyse
Mark Wyse
Untitled (#2), 1998
Untitled (#3), 1998
Untitled (#4), 1998
Untitled (#5), 1998
Untitled (#6), 1998

Press Release

Mark Wyse.
April 21 - May 26.

Wyse, a Los Angeles based photographer, and a graduate of Yale's distinguished 2001 MFA class, is fast becoming recognized as one of the most interesting practitioners of contemporary landscape photography. While he has been photographing for close to a decade, with the recent publication of the monograph "18 Landscapes" (Nazraeli Press, 2005), he has emerged as a distinctive and fresh observer of the western states.

Largely taking as his subject the Southern Californian coastline, Wyse captures expansive views with precise detail. With a hyper-real vision that balances clear-eyed observation with a subtly subjective point of view, this show focuses on the complex relationship between home and nature in 6 large-scale views of different houses around Palos Verdes. Set in the lush and colorful brush native to the area, these houses -clearly the fruits of financial success- are observed from a distance as though being discovered for the first time.

Resisting both the easy satiric point of view and pictorial romanticism Wyse sees in a way that is both painterly in its reveling in color, and photographic in its minute detail. At the same time his pictures allow a slippage to occur between the compelling sensation of deep space and their awareness of the photographic surface. Writing in The New Yorker Vince Aletti said of Wyse's work, "He tips his hat to photographic traditionalism ... but then goes off in a far more interesting direction, just this side of left field."

The show is comprised of six large scale photographs ranging in size from 30 x 40 inches to 50 x 60 inches. Taken in 1998, these works are being shown for the first time in this exhibition.

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