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Matt Lipps

March 26 - May 2, 2015

 Camera, 2013, 	81.25 x 50 inch C-print
 Tool, 2013, 	76 x 50 inch C-print
 Photojournalism, 2013, 	75.25 x 50 inch C-print
 Special Problems, 2013, 	78.5 x 50 inch C-print
 Travel, 2013, 	65.5 x 40 inch C-print
 Print, 2013, 	75 x 50 inch C-print
 Studio, 2013, 	72 x 50 inch C-print
 Art, 2013, 	78.25 x 50 inch C-print
 Children, 2013, 	66.25 x 40 inch C-print
 Documentary, 2013, 	75.25 x 50 inch C-print
 Nature, 2013, 	61.5 x 40 inch C-print
 Themes, 2013, 	72 x 93 inch C-print
 Color, 2013, 	64.5 x 40 inch C-print
 Photographers, 2013, 	76 x 50 inch C-print
 1973-1975, 2013, 	75 x 141 inch C-print

Press Release

Press release –


Matt Lipps


March 26 – May 2. 2015

Danziger Gallery is pleased to present the first New York solo exhibition of photographs by Matt Lipps. Lipps’ work combines elements of collage, constructed still life, and appropriated imagery, into a wholly new and original form.

The exhibition consists of 13 large-scale works from Lipps’ acclaimed series “Library”. Based on images from Time-Life’s 1970s seventeen volume set of books called “Library of Photography”, Lipps cuts out and assembles selected images into groups that echo the themes of the different volumes – Photographing Children, The Camera, Travel Photography, Special Problems, etc..

Mounted and arranged on shelves in front of vivid color backgrounds, the figures become players in a story that is both a tribute to the heyday of analog photography and an accomplished vision of the possibilities that the digital age has opened up to artists. The colorful backgrounds of the series come from 35mm photographs taken by Lipps when he was a student and their warm emotional color and abstract feeling contrasts dramatically with the coolly objective black and white figures and forms selected by Lipps from the “Library” books. Combining authored and appropriated photographs Lipps sets up a tension between the subjective and objective uses of the medium offering both an intriguing and fresh perspective on the history of the medium and history itself.

Matt Lipps received his MFA from the University of California, Irvine. Most recently his work has been shown at the Saatchi Gallery, FOAM (Foto Museum of Amsterdam), and is currently on view at Pier 24 in San Francisco. His work is in the collection of Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, The Pilara Foundation/Pier 24. He is Assistant Professor of Art at San Francisco State University.

Lipp's work can currently also be seen at Art in General and in the group show "Under Construction - New Positions in American Photography" at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn.