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Photographs and Works on Paper

August 15 – September 30, 2023

Risaku Suzuki, <<Water Mirror 15, WM-283>>, 2015
Henri Cartier-Bresson , Martine's Legs, 1968 
Paul Cupido, Clair de Lune, 2018 
Jonathan Smith , Fall #16, 2018 
Andy Warhol , Lips. c. 1975 
Andy Warhol , Lips. c. 1975 
Tod Papageorge, Malibu 1975
Tod Papageorge, Malibu, 1975
Matthew POrter, Pacific Crest, 2022
Matthew Porter, Rio Visto, 2020 
Susan Derges, The Observer and Observed, 1991
Will Adler, Untitled, 2023
Will Adler, Josie Silhouette, 2019 
Will Adler, Morning Lineup (L.A.), 2023
Julian Wasser, Joan Didion, 1968
Jonathan Smith, Marina Piccola, Capri (ii), 2022
Francesca Woodman, Untitled, Providence, RI (Self-Portrait)
Francesca Woodman , Untitled, Boulder, CO (Self-Portrait)
Jim Krantz, The Way of the West No. 12, 2019 
Jim Krantz, Frontier #8, 2023
Brett Weston, Dunes. 1984 
Kim McCarty, Untitled Figure, 2022
Paul Fusco, Family in Descending Order, 1968 
Karen Knorr , Return of the Hunter, Chandra Mahal, Jaipur Palace, Jaipur, 2012
George Hoyningen-Huene , Lee Miller, Sailcloth Overalls by Yrande, 1930
Thierry Cohen, Some Stars are Blue (Venice), 2022
Corinne Vionnet, Athens, 2006
Christopher Anderson , From the series "Pia", 2014 - 2021
Michael Light, Golden State Freeway Looking Southeast Over Fernanando Pass, 2004
Michael Light , Hollywood Hills from Griffith Park, Beachwood Drive and Hollywood Reservoir at Left, 2004
Alice Mann, The Avondale Primary Drum Majorettes, 2018 

Press Release

Danziger Gallery is pleased to present an online exhibition for August and September featuring the work of 22 photographers whose work dates from the 1930s to the present.  The images have been selected to reflect the seasonal transition from summer to fall – a respite from the heat and the promise of new beginnings.

In gallery news, we are going on hiatus in Los Angeles while we look at new locations and collaborations but will continue to show work by appointment in both our New York space and in Los Angeles.  We will be exhibiting at the UNTITLED Art Fair in Miami in December and at AIPAD as it returns to the Park Avenue Armory.

For information on any of the images in this exhibition please call us or e-mail