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CALI STYLE - September 4 – October 5, 2019


Opening our fall season in our new location at 980 Madison Avenue, Danziger Gallery presents the show “Cali Style” – featuring the work of Nick Fouquet along with work by Barry McGee, Ed Templeton, Scott Campbell, and Will Adler. A look at five Californian creative artists with varied backgrounds - a street artist, a skate boarder, a hat maker, a tattooist, and a surf photographer – the show embraces the maverick spirit of the west coast and the originality and diversity of its creative expression.

Nick Fouquet has turned hat making to art with each of his hats being a unique creation. A former environmental scientist, Fouquet learned the craft of hat-making when he was struck by the paucity of options in contemporary headwear. He subsequently developed a bespoke aesthetic loosely based on the western form but continually develops new designs and adornments which take his creations into their own cultural space.

For the Cali Style show, Fouquet has created 14 new and original designs from a feathered top hat to a tie-dyed inspired fedora, using color, style, ornamentation, and material to play with and expand the possibilities and meaning of what a hat may be and bring it into the realm of art.